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Civil Litigation

Our lives are made up of interactions and relationships between individuals. When individuals are injured, either financially or physically, due to these relationships, the law offers a remedy to make persons whole again. Civil litigation allows individuals to recoup the losses they have suffered due to someone else’s actions.

This area includes:

  • Contract Issues – If one party breaches a contract an attorney can assist you in acquiring the assets or money that you were owed.
  • General Negligence – People are imperfect, but if you or your property was damaged due to someone else’s actions that third party may be responsible to pay to fix that damage.
  • Criminal Offenses – If you were the victim of a criminal offense, such as an assault, the criminal law system may not be your only avenue of justice. The criminal system will not pay for your medical bills or property damage. In order to be compensated for all your losses you will need to bring a civil suit against the offender.