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Mediation is an increasingly popular alternative to litigation. Drawn out courtroom battles are not necessary for every dispute. Many disputes can be better resolved quickly and at a lower cost through mediation.

Some benefits of mediation include:

  • YOU decide the outcome. No judges, no juries. A mediator will help facilitate the conversation and bring out the underlying issues, allowing you to make an informed, reasonable and satisfactory agreement.
  • Avoid fighting and ruining relationships. Nothing tears people apart like a courtroom. If you can stay out of the courtroom and settle your dispute in a peaceful manner, you have a much better chance of continuing a meaningful relationship with the other party.
  • You decide what needs to be discussed. There is no judge deciding what is and isn’t relevant. If you feel like something needs to be discussed you have the right to bring it up.
  • Nobody wins or loses. The outcome of a successfully mediated agreement is just that, an agreement.
  • Informality. No need to dress up, take time out of work, worry about when to stand up or when to sit down. You decide when to mediate, where to mediate and what the rules are going to be.
  • Time and Money! Mediation is generally quicker than litigation and much less expensive. You want your problem resolved soon and without creating more problems. Mediation may be the answer.
  • Privacy. The courthouse is open to anyone. Matters handled in court are public and anyone can access any information contained in your court file. Mediation on the other hand is private and what goes on during the mediation can be confidential.

If you have a dispute that you want resolved without all the stress, hassle and hostility of going to court, call an attorney at The Law Office of Lisa Eddy to discuss mediation. We can help.